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Are you looking for beers that are different from the ordinary?

Premier International Beers has been importing Premium Beers from the World’s most successful breweries for over twenty years. We carefully select beers that are unique, distinctive, of the highest quality, and, put quite simply, delicious. We import these beers into Ireland and supply them to pubs, clubs, style-bars, restaurants and off-licences nationwide.

So if you find yourself tired of ‘plain ordinary’ and feel you have the urge to hunt for a Premium beer with delectable taste and character, why not visit one of our stockists? And if your local does not stock your favourite beer from this list, why not suggest to them that they give us a call? That way, we can make sure that you can enjoy a trip to Beer Heaven on a regular basis.

Premier International Beers.
Clonard, Enfield, Co. Meath.
Tel: +353 (0)44 93 75312